Thursday, December 25, 2008

Useful firefox plugins - GMail Notifier

I'm sure most of you use GMail at least as a secondary e-mail adress. Its simple and easy to use interface attracts many users. I'm sure a lot of people also use firefox too. Now from theese to advantages you can make a new one. Use GMail Notifier for firefox. Why? Because if you are interested in e-mails then your browser is already open, and now you can do other things easily without having to check your mail account every 5 mins if you are expecting an important mail. It supports checking for multiple accounts, you can set how often you want to check for new mails.

Author's homepage:

You can install it from here too:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

No fancy message, no rhimes, just simple and hope effective I wish all my few readers a Merry Christmas !

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quickies / Stumbled

Marilyn Monroe's advice on how to be a good blogger

Mouth wide open

Pepsi Truck Commercial

Just found a really nice video on youtube, that I think it's worth to share:

StumbleUpon my buddy against booooring

My opinion about social bookmarking has changed a lot since I've tried Stumble Upon. I think that is the best social bookmarking site out there momentally. Why? Because every time I want to kill some time I just press CTRL + F11 click Stumble and after a few clicks it will surely bring up something that interests me. I know it isn't used by as much people as digg, but I think that it's better, becuse it has a toolbar that checks what kind of content are you usually into and bring some more of it. So dear Stumble Upon, I got a confession to make, I love you :)

Why I've chose blogger instead of wordpress ?

I'm not one of those fanatic guys or something like that. I just tought that for a first try blogger would do it better. I don't need to pay for hosting and I can still customize my blog. I don't have to worry about exploits and SEO, google got it coverd for me ;). At least I like to think so. I think that for any beginner blogger is the best, it's simple, it's easy, you can find a lot of themes out there to personalize your blog, and if you don't like blogging as much as you tought that you will, you haven't loose nothing, because it's free.

5-4-3-2-1 Blogging

So today i've started to blog. I don't know yet if I will write daily, if I will have readers, if I will write interesting stuff, but I can promise one thing, that I'll do my best.

So a little bit about me and the blogs: I've first met with the term blog and blogging a few years ago and I was interested in theese things, so found some blogs that I liked at that moment and started to read them. Since then I read a lot of other blogs, and those that I liked very much at first I consider now only blogs that are OK.